VB cords are highly famous to be used for various purposes. They are made of 100% polyesters which makes them durable and long lasting as opposed to the other available options. The yarns of polyesters that are used into creation of these ropes is what makes them highly strong, tough and flexible as a cord. What makes them even better is the fact that it has a very strong endurance to beat absorption hence, it cannot be damaged by water as well. Let’s find out all that you need to know about vb cords.

High Strength

Just like nylon ropes, it is these best polyester ropes as well that are known to offer high strength and durability. Unlike the natural alternatives like the manila rope, this particular cord is 250% stronger than any other option. In fact, what makes them even better is that they have the best absorption quality which makes these cords to be used in water as well as they won’t damage.


Another reason what makes these cords an ultimate solution to all your problems is the fact that they are highly good with environmental resistance. This means that they have a great ability to withstand certain situations which is not exactly the case with other cords. Polyesters VB cord are known to be highly great with resistance to the following;

– Fresh and salt water

– Sunlight and UV rays

– Mineral acids

– Organic acids

– Oxidizing agents

– High temperatures

– Rotting

3. Long Lasting

If you are looking for options that will stay with you for the longest period of time then there is nothing better than the VB cords. They have the ability to retain the flexibility and stretch which allows them to stay the same for a while.

Easy to Work with

I am sure everyone of you always look for options which are easy to deal with which is why we highly recommend all the users to get their hands on the polyester VB cords as they can easily be knotted, turned, twisted and literally be used in any manner the way you want it to be.

Electrical Properties

Polyester fiber is the best source of rope if you are looking for options that are the best insulators. If you have a usage of low to medium electrical applications, there is nothing better than to use these particular cords because they are well applicable here.

Hope these above stated benefits and uses have convinced you to get your hands on this particular cord as they are highly practical and can be used in various areas.

All That You Need To Know About Vb Cords

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