Kangaroo Island is one of the most liked places in the Australian region. It is highly acclaimed for its amazing sites and a huge number of kangaroos rushing and jumping around. Every year a number of tours in Kangaroo Island visit this enchanting island. The tourist experts have suggested the following hotels that are great for staying while on Kangaroo Island.


If you are looking for a great luxury hotel that is close to the beach and gives an amazing view of the wildlife then One Kangaroo Island is a great choice. This hotel is located on Brown Beach. The construction is done in such a way that the visitors can see the extensive beauty of this amazing beach area. Besides the natural sights and sounds, the visitors can easily choose comfortably luxurious rooms including five double king bedrooms. The hotel ensures a complete entertainment package for the visitors.


Close to the Emu Bay is the stunningly beautiful combo of the two properties namely Hamilton and Dune. The former was created back in 1960 and then in 2018, the owners decided to upgrade it according to the modern needs while maintaining the old standards of hospitality and quality that are their landmark. Dune home was added to the premises not very long ago so it has everything a visitor wants to have in recent times.


A stunningly beautiful and eye-catching structure erected on the Kangaroo Islands, this hotel is actually a combination of five different hotels. The visitors have the option to choose from the fully facilitated villas and holidays. In both the options they get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sites of the bush land that lies next to the Snellings Beach. The popular Private Retreats are popular among the tourists for its recent properties namely The Sky House, The Settlers Homestead, The Cliff House and the Sheoaks.


Resting in the heart of Kangaroo Island, this place gives the real-life experience with the wildlife.  Besides the amazing animals, the visitors can catch up with the most unique sight of the sunset and sunrise. The visitors would love to have the Holiday Package from this hotel as it includes the scrumptious three-time meal that includes all the raw materials that are the specialty of the Kangaroo Island.


Stowaway Kangaroo Island is another great place for wildlife lovers. Consisting of two lodges this great lodge area covers a total of 80 hectares that is large enough to facilitate the visitors in all possible ways. Whether it is the bush land on the North coast or the stunningly beautiful Stokes Beach, the visitors can witness so much of the nature around them. This is a great place to stay for the new couples who would definitely love the alfresco hot tub, double-sided wood fire, and the glass front sauna along with a king bed.

Best Places To Stay In Kangaroo Island

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