Drain camera inspection is a technological advancement we use at blockage king. We use a tiny camera with a better resolution dug inside the problematic drain and we inspect if something is doing the blocking hurdle. Usually we are called upon by the customers when suddenly the water stops to flow according to the need. This camera is attached to the pipe nozzle and we observe the dung bulk from the screen and then with the help of our plumber from Bentleigh we make sure to ease the flow. Our services make our customer’s rely on us and we gain their trust for future help with complete honesty.


Accurate diagnostic procedure: Because of our advanced technological instruments the job on hand is much précised and objectified since we have a better eye on the details of the work under the scope. We simply take a detailed look at the problem, solve it and get done with it in no time.

Less labor cost: This advanced tech we use not just make our work easier but also is cost effective. It is cheaper, faster easier in every way one can think off and is need be one person can take care of the problem single handedly.

No digging involved: This advance camera tech helps us to get a detailed view of the problem in hand, also helps us to see where the problem is which takes away the option of digging what so ever and we focus on that certain blockage or a problem and take care of it easily.

Time efficiency: It’s not just easy and cheap but also saves a lot of time. The advanced camera or so called drain camera technology saves the trouble of spending time to figure out the problem and then deal with it, instead it is easier and hits the right on the sport and once found the problem is taken care of within no time.

Service integration: Service integration is made more proficient with the help or better use of technology. Our plumbers make sure to improvise the strategies we used earlier. Service integration is made up to the mark by the help of drain camera inspection. We make the procedure of cleaning and removal of blockage faster than the digging phase used earlier.

Preventive maintenance: This advanced technology is taken care of on a regular basis since this the only tech that gets our job done easier in the easiest way possible. Taking care of instruments gets us to a job well done in the end with an outcome of customer satisfaction. The drain camera inspection is done with all the preventive measurements taken prior.

Drain Camera Inspection Is Our New Way To Access Your Problems

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