If you despise the word exercise, you may not be the only one. Some of you might enjoy exercising but for the rest of us the word exercising conjures up horrifying images in our minds. Thinking about pulling yourself throughout the strenuous workout plans drenched in sweat kills the mood even before you hold a dumbbell. However, let me break it to you, recent studies and researches have confirmed the numerous benefits of physical activity.

Benefits of exercising every day

1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases: Studies have shown that exercising for as little as 30 minutes daily can keep the heart diseases at the bay. Not only does regular exercise reduces the risk of heart diseases, but it also helps to keep the heart-healthy.2. Helps you lose or maintain weight: This is by far the most popular benefit. Excruciating activities like good bootcamp games, HIIT will burn more calories than low impact activities would. 

3. Exercise boosts mood: With all the stress we have about now, it’s not a shocker to feel low. Exercising helps in de-stressing by releasing happy hormones- Endorphins. Whether you need to blow off some steam or feel instantly better, you know what to do now.

4. It boosts confidence: Let’s be real here, a lot of us struggle with body image and confidence. When you exercise regularly, you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin and you’ll automatically feel better about yourself thus boosting your self-esteem. Link here https://www.fitnesseducationonline.com.au/ offer a good exercise that will make you fit.

A plethora of exercises to interfuse in your workout plan

Adding variety to your workout routine would be a good idea since a change now and then could help in avoiding boredom.

1. Cardio and strength training: Cardio and weight training put together is the most effective recipe for weight loss. If you insist on doing cardio solely, then you will lose muscle mass. An effective combination of these two would help you maintain your muscle mass and lose those extra pounds.

2. Bootcamp games: Boot camps are a rigorous and intense form of exercise. It helps you in building stamina and strength. It also evokes a sense of comradeship among the participants.

The Importance Of Exercising

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